About Rice Leadership Group

About Rice Leadership Group

Find what you do well and do it more – more powerfully, more effectively, more consistently.

Rice Leadership Group (RLG) uses a strengths-based approach to life and business, pinpointing where each individual excels, then focusing on developing those talents into strengths. Those individual’s strengths are then brought to their community – whether career, family, or passion project – creating synergy and flow for meeting and exceeding goals.

Using CliftonStrengths as the common language, RLG discovers each person’s area of talent and provides tools and strategies to bring excellence to each endeavor.

In corporate partnering and personal relationships, knowing specifically and thoroughly where talent lies and then capitalizing on it creates environments for confident vulnerability – knowing when to take ownership and when to delegate, when to charge forward and when to step back, when to raise your hand and when to wait for a different opportunity.

About Don Rice

Don has worked since age 12, starting as a camp kitchen dishwasher. Through the years, he worked in labor-intensive jobs of cleaning toilets, cooking food, hanging wallpaper, landscaping, and masonry until graduating college. He thrived in each position and attributes it to having excellent bosses.

In 2003 he entered the ministry. During his time in ministry, he graduated with his Masters of Divinity, started a Wallpaper/Painting Company, and a Lawn Mowing Company. His experience in the work world working for bosses, hearing stories of friends and struggles they were having with their managers, exposed the lack of leadership that is prevalent in today’s world, and it sparked a massive desire for excellent leadership.

He started on a journey to discover what a great leader was and after taking courses, finding mentors, reading hundreds of books, interviewing many people who were successful leaders. He applied his learned principles of leadership to his ministry and people that worked with him, along with his companies that he was running. Applying those principles produced powerful results in him personally and others, and lead to profitability in the companies.

His passion is growing and equipping others to do remarkable things and lead significant and fulfilled lives – in work, home, relationships, and community. It’s all achievable through consistent, persistent, application of time-proven tools.

Now it is time to let him partner with you to move toward success!