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Building Stronger Leaders

Leadership can be found at every level of life, whether a boss, co-worker, parent, spouse, friend, etc. Leadership is powerful because it creates a culture. Human capital is one of the most valuable commodities, and the way one leads determines the quality of results produced.

Managers are the reason that 85% of the workforce is not engaged. Employee engagement affects performance, retention, and productivity. Development or the lack of development of leaders directly impacts all that are affected by that leadership.

Rice Leadership Group (RLG) invests in leaders to provide confidence and create deep self-awareness and self-regulation to create exponential success for themselves and those around them. RLG does this by using strength-based principles, identifying skills that need improvement or implementation, and creating a viable and impactful plan.

team building

Investment in leadership improves relationships, culture, profitability, and engagement with those whom they are partnering with. Teams that have talented managers realize a 48% increase in profitability, a 22% increase in productivity and a 30% increase in employee engagement scores.

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Having a Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach assess and hone a leader’s talents brings real results to leadership, ability to communicate, and many successful moments. When a leader is able to control their talents on a consistent basis they will experience exponential success.

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“Leadership will be the most important resource an organization can possess. After all, it will be leadership that determines whether organizations successfully harness the emerging opportunities and overcome the perils that await.” Jay A. Conger- Professor, London Business School

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Rice Leadership served our church leadership team by providing thoughtful insights about our StrengthsFinders results. We were able to see with greater clarity how each member of our team thought and acted. Knowing our own strengths and the strengths of each other allowed us to work together with greater efficiency but also with greater care. These insights were helpful for navigating conflict and finding solutions more quickly. Furthermore, I was able to apply the insights of Rice Leadership on a personal level with my marriage: having clear concepts that detail how my wife and I think and operate has improved our communication with one another. I believe that the work of Rice Leadership and StrengthsFinders can empower significant long-term growth and wisdom for all kinds of teams and partnerships.

Bill Melone

Elder Pastor at Grace City Church of Wissinoming, PA

Contact us for your Free Leader Assessment now

Contact us for your Free Leader Assessment now