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Learn a little more about Rice Leadership Group here. We have organized some of the questions most commonly asked to help you get a better understanding of our services.

What is the difference between CliftonStrengths and personality tests?
Personality tests, like MBTI and DiSC, along with others, allow the individual to understand their psychological makeup. It gives them insight into how they react and feel in given situations. CliftonStrengths can be utilized to do that also and is often confused with personality assessments. The difference is that StrengthsFinder is an assessment built on performance and potential and it explicitly pinpoints how someone thinks, feels, and acts. The individual can then take that information and develop the talents they have and create exponential success for themselves and others around them.

Does CliftonStrengths help determine what career you should pursue?
The design of CliftonStrengths was purely for developmental context. It is not intended to direct an individual to a specific career. Through study, they have found that particular strengths do appear to be quite consistently dominant within certain professions.

Can CliftonStrengths be used as a hiring tool?
CliftonStrengths is not designed as a stand-alone hiring tool. Instead, it extremely helpful to aid conversations that can be tailored with specific questions according to strengths presented in the individual and needs of the company.

Is there a difference between talents and strengths?
Talents are naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior that can be productively applied. A strength is the ability to provide consistent near-perfect performance in a specific activity. Talents x Investment = Strengths

Why does someone need a Certified CliftonStrengths Coach?
Statistics from studies performed by Gallup in businesses show that people who acquire coaching are 4x more productive and profitable. A Certified CliftonStrengths Coach is trained to help the client understand their assessment accurately and deeply. The coach will also assist the client in applying their talents correctly and providing tools for greater success. People who take the assessment find it to be good information. People who get coached find the good information to be life-changing.

What is the difference between Clifton StrengthsFinder and CliftonStrengths?
Absolutely nothing. Gallup decided to brand it differently.

Can CliftonStrengths help in any area of life, or is it relegated to corporate life?
CliftonStrengths is designed to first and foremost be a developmental tool for individuals because each individual is to be a contributing person to society. As one understands how they function, and how others function, they can work together successfully. We, as humans, are meant to live in community, and in so doing, strengths is applicable to every aspect of life whether that be individual development, in marriage, friendships, churches, and corporate settings.

How can CliftonStrengths help me be more successful in my business?
Rice Leadership Group takes the success of your company seriously. It is important not to just give good information so that it can be put aside just a week or month later, but it is key for our company to come alongside yours to assess the work culture and help the team work together seamlessly. It is vital to understand where your team excels and what their blindspots are. RLG works together with each company to tailor the process to fit perfectly. We take into account each individual contributor and how they best contribute to the whole, and then we help the team learn to work better together at their optimal proficiency.

What can I expect as a ROI.
On an individual level, when compared with their peers, employees who receive strengths-based development were found to have:

8% to 18% Increased Performance*
2% to 10% Higher Customer Metrics
20% to 73% Lower Turnover
7% to 23% Higher Employee Engagement
4% to 10% Increased Citizenship

*including performance ratings, productivity and sales data

Similarly, workgroups that received strengths-based development were found to have:

14% to 29% Increased Profit
3% to 7% Higher Customer Metrics
23% to 59% Fewer Safety Incidents
10% to 19% Increased Sales
6% to 72% Lower Turnover

The gap of numbers (ex. 8% to 18%) is the difference on just taking the assessment vs. being coached after the assessment is taken.

Why should I hire someone when I can figure it out on my own?
People have good intentions, but most people do not have the motivation or sticktoitiveness to learn the appropriate way. A coach has the unique ability to objectively understand what someone is expressing and can give practical tools and helpful insights to help one succeed. We are often blinded to ourself. The amount of information and application that the coach has walked through is what gives the success to the one being coached.


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