Building Stronger Families

Why have we taken building families under the umbrella of leadership? We believe that to intentionally build strong families, you must have leaders teaching future leaders. From the time the children enter this world, we can have a great generation of leaders if parents are intentional.

There are many parenting styles. It almost seems as though there are as many parenting styles as parents, especially when you pay attention to how other people parent. In a way, that is true. We lead our families the way that we are built. We filter everything through the way we think, feel, and behave. The problem is presented when you try to get everyone in your family to act like you when they are their own person. The key is to understand how your perspective can work with your spouse’s perspective to get your children, who also have a perspective, to all work together.

building stronger families

How can a good parent become an even greater parent? By shifting the focus to what is right with your kids instead of what is wrong with them.

Do you know what makes you great? Do you know what makes your kids great? When you understand how you, your spouse, and your kids function and perceive life, there will be a controlled atmosphere, peace, and a sense that you actually know what is going on.

Rice Leadership Group (RLG) can come alongside families to help them understand what they are great at and build a plan that will help bring clarity to child-raising and existing together as a family in peace and harmony while instilling principles deemed important.

We often ask, "What should we do and what shouldn't we do as parents?" Instead, we need to ask, "who is this child, and how do we parent them to become the person God made them to be." - Play to Their Strengths

building stronger marriages

Utilizing strength-based principle, RLG can help families succeed, whether they have one infant to a hand full of children that are already growing up. We are certified as IncredibleCoaches, trained to help families walk through this season of family strengthening.

Having a Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach also certified as an IncredibleCoach assess both how you parent and how your kids function best, will bring clarity and intentionality to your family.

Start today with the IncredibleParent Assessment and the IncredibleKids Assessment and then let Rice Leadership Group help strengthen your family!

Do you know your parenting strengths?
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Start your IncredibleParents Assessment now

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Start your IncredibleKids Assessment now

My husband and I worked with Don for our premarital counseling and have benefitted greatly from the insights and guidance that we received. Working with Don and learning to understand our own strengths and each other’s is one of the most beneficial things that we’ve done for our marriage, and we have recommended this to countless friends. Don is insightful and encouraging in the ways he shares strategies - we couldn’t recommend Rice Leadership Group more highly!

Lauren Davis