building stronger marriages

Building Stronger Marriages

Have you ever realized how hard marriage is? Married couples realize pretty quickly that marriage takes a lot of work; some realize sooner than others. There are fights that couples don’t know how to resolve entirely in marriage, failure in clear communication, and unfulfilled expectations.

Marriage is a sacred union, and Rice Leadership Group (RLG) desires to come alongside couples to prepare and strengthen them for a long, fruitful marriage they committed to before God and others. RLG equips couples by providing deep self-awareness to each individual, opening profitable communication between the couples to promote an in-depth understanding of the partner, and providing a plan that supports long-term marital success.

Utilizing strength-based principles, gleaned knowledge from almost two decades of working with couples, and biblical principles, RLG can help marriages succeed whether they are newly married or seasoned marriages.

We have two ways presently that we work with couples:

First, we personalize and tailor the sessions to our couple clients. We give undivided attention to make sure we accomplish the goals, provide learning opportunities, and answer all questions. We provide homework to ensure the couple is able to communicate in a way that is helpful and profitable. Click here to schedule your sessions today.

Second, we have created a conference called the Stronger Marriage Conference, where we help couples think through their foundation, and we strengthen areas that time and stress have weakened. We give hope, a way forward, and people leave the conference energized about their marriage.

building stronger marriages

According to U.S. Government statistics, divorce has lowered from 45% to 35%. Not only has divorce decreased, but unfortunately, marriage has decreased also. Cohabitation is more prevalent along with the acceptance of divorce rising.

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Having a Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach assess and hone both marriage partner’s talents brings real results to the quality of marriage, ability to communicate, and reasonable expectations. When couples are willing to live well in their strengths while letting the spouse do the same, marital success can be attained.

Contact us for your free 15 minute Marriage Assessment and then let Rice Leadership Group help your marriage become stronger.

Strengths-Based Marriages will have better communication, have fewer unsuccessful moments, and change the way you see yourself, your spouse, and your marriage

building stronger marriages

My husband and I worked with Don for our premarital counseling and have benefitted greatly from the insights and guidance that we received. Working with Don and learning to understand our own strengths and each other’s is one of the most beneficial things that we’ve done for our marriage, and we have recommended this to countless friends. Don is insightful and encouraging in the ways he shares strategies - we couldn’t recommend Rice Leadership Group more highly!

Lauren Davis

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Start your Free Marriage Assessment now