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When the average person is asked what they do well, they can often give a general, large brush stroke understanding of themselves. Less often can an individual specifically articulate in detail where they excel in relationships, getting things done, within strategic thinking, and in the realm of influence. Without confident, specific understanding, individuals cannot have complete success consistently. They will have sporadic success without understanding why they succeeded or particular knowledge of how to recreate that success.

Conventional leadership looks at what people lack and fail in and supplies them with the education and opportunities to strengthen those areas. Strength-based leadership is finding what someone does well naturally and help them invest in it — teach them skills and knowledge, and they will have exponential success.

Rice Leadership Group (RLG) invests in individuals to provide confidence and create deep self-awareness and self-regulation to create exponential success for themselves and those around them. RLG does this by using strength-based principles, identifying skills that need improvement or implementation, and creating a viable and impactful plan.

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If you work on what you are not good at, you will only become mediocre, if you sharpen what you are already naturally talented in, you will have exponential success. 

Having a Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach assess and hone an individual’s talents brings real results to self-awareness, self-regulation, the ability to communicate, and confidence. When one is able to control their talents on a consistent basis they will experience exponential success.

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"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." - Often attributed to Albert Einstein

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Rice Leadership served our church leadership team by providing thoughtful insights about our StrengthsFinders results. We were able to see with greater clarity how each member of our team thought and acted. Knowing our own strengths and the strengths of each other allowed us to work together with greater efficiency but also with greater care. These insights were helpful for navigating conflict and finding solutions more quickly. Furthermore, I was able to apply the insights of Rice Leadership on a personal level with my marriage: having clear concepts that detail how my wife and I think and operate has improved our communication with one another. I believe that the work of Rice Leadership and StrengthsFinders can empower significant long-term growth and wisdom for all kinds of teams and partnerships.

Bill Melone

Elder Pastor at Grace City Church of Wissinoming, PA

Contact us for your Free Individual Assessment now

Contact us for your Free Individual Assessment now